Sunday, February 27, 2011

7 Weeks left in the UK!

The house in Colchester is rented, lists are being made and ticked off as items are completed, and we are beginning to say "adieu" to friends and family.  The moving people arrive in early April to pack and load a 20x20 foot container with our edited stuff that will be shipped across the Atlantic, arriving in a few weeks.

Once the school term ends on April 8, we leave with the cats.  Due to airline legalities, the plane size we are travelling on only has room for one animal per flight.  So we travel on two consecutive days, each with a cat.  I will have to practice a nonchalant look to use when Marmalade's screams of distress at being caged up echo up from the baggage area in the plane.  It will make a change from listening to the yells of young children on the flight!

Blog entries will become more relevant to construction with lots of photos once we arrive in NS.  I will be looking for a teaching position, while Brian acts as construction worker and site boss.  We are hoping for a warm, early spring...but until that arrives we will be renting heaters and wearing layers.  Brian has arranged for a phone to be installed, and we are so pleased that we can also get a wireless internet connection.  Many thanks to Aunt Marg and Uncle Bill who will go and rendez-vous with the phone guys.