Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snow, snow and more snow!

Well, whether Jenn likes it or not, I have gained temporary control of the blog and this will make two in a week!

And the news is the snow has arrived. A storm pushing up from the eastern USA has hit the cold air over Nova Scotia and hey presto, it's snowing. No different from the UK really, except that cars still move, thanks to most vehicles being fitted with snow tyres, and there are also fast moving snow ploughs. Our neighbours tell us that it has been known for the ploughs to rip through the mail boxes fitted by the road side, and by the look of one post box that's possibly happened as it is leaning at a 30 degree angle.  With all schools cancelled and no need go out there is still plenty that needs doing in the house.

So the fall (the Autumn to the rest of us) has now finished and the winter begins. But the colours were simply amazing and sadly photographs never seem to do the colours or the spectacle justice.

On the Annapolis River, the ever changing water is captured in a picture below. Its is so still that the reflected image in the water has barely a movement on it.

I have also had a great opportunity to spend an evening in the projection booth at the local cinema for their film society screenings. For those that remember way back, I was one of the projectionists for the Newham Film Society in the 1970's using 16mm equipment. On occassions I would bring the projectors home for charity screenings in our house in Wanstead. So this was a really special treat and I will be going again.

Also in the pictures are one of the new beams that was put in place last Saturday, this was quite a performance. It still needs some adjustment but as you can see there are some jacks in place for me to do that. At least the kitchen floor above is now solid, which worried many a visitor by the sound and movement of the floor. Fear not, it's been fixed!

House in  Bridgetown showing off her colours

The river after heavy rain

The 35mm cinema projectors at Kings Theatre, Annapolis Royal

Reflections on the river

Our new beam 16ft long and 8" square, spaning the two concrete walls

Our wood pile in the basement

Marmalade taking a look out the window. She hates snow

Our back door this afternoon

Brian ventures out

Jenn showing that she is ready for any weather

Our barn, taken this morning.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it's off to work we go!

All work and no blogging makes Jenn annoyed!  So, finally, here is a new post.  Since school started in early September, I have been working a lot doing substitute teaching and art teaching.  It's great to have the income, but blogging and what little housework I ever do has gone by the wayside.  Brian has four weeks left of his course and has been a real help during the computer classes, as some of the participants had never used a computer before and needed help getting started.  I have really enjoyed teaching two evening classes in the studio (formerly the summer kitchen) for adults and children.  I just finished a six-week series, and will do a few Christmas workshops and start up again in January.

Sadly, Jasper is gone.  We really miss him, and Marmsie demands that Brian play with her in the evening when she and Jasper used to run about and have a mad half-hour.  So, Brian ties something to the end of a length of string for Marms to chase, and runs around....not quite as quickly as Jasper could, but he does his best!

Brian has got both tennis and golf elbow from sanding and varathaning the living room floor.  I knew it must be painful when he visited the Dr.'s office, and is now going to have to go to physio.  The floor, however, looks wonderful!  The electric baseboards for downstairs go in tomorrow, and once a beam is replaced in the basement we will call a halt to major renovation projects for the winter.

Thanksgiving dinner was fantastic, with 25 family/friends in attendance.  Brian did a wonderful job cooking and carving the turkey.  We had a great feast followed by fun with games and prizes.  The last guests left after midnight.

The next social gathering will be an open house here at Christmas, when Emily, Maher and Steph will be with us.  Emily is taking a Zumba course to teach this fitness style of dance and hopes to give the female relatives a lesson over the holiday season.  She is enjoying fashion styling for photo shoots, fashion writing, and managing the Ottawa Dress for Success boutique.  Steph just turned 20, and we enjoyed a dinner and visit with her in Wolfville.  She and four friends (all four are nutrition students, so nice meals will be prepared!) have rented a small house to live in for next university year.  We were delighted to hear Andrew (also 20)hosting an on-line radio show that caters to Star Trek fans.  He and a friend may visit here on a North American tour next summer. 

Hunting season has started, so any walks up the mountain road are done early in the day, wearing an orange reflective vest.  The coyotes seem to be howling more than usual, and they are now on this side of the river and closer than before.  So Marmalade doesn't go out at night, and I tend to walk very quickly to the car if I am going out in the evening!

Frost this morning, and had to scrape the car's only a matter of a few weeks before shovels will be needed!  We already have the snow tires on the car and the wood stove works a treat so we are ready.

Brian starting to sand the floor of the living room.

Ta Daaah!  the finished floor

Making moasics in the art studio.

Brian carving the first of two 14lb turkeys for Thanksgiving.

The table set for 25 guests, our Thanksgiving Dinner on October 8th.

Sunset from our house

Our new mail box, teamed up with our neighbour's.

The colours of the North Mountain this autumn

When this woodpecker gets bored with the tree, he lands on the side of the house and pecks at that!