Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snow, snow and more snow!

Well, whether Jenn likes it or not, I have gained temporary control of the blog and this will make two in a week!

And the news is the snow has arrived. A storm pushing up from the eastern USA has hit the cold air over Nova Scotia and hey presto, it's snowing. No different from the UK really, except that cars still move, thanks to most vehicles being fitted with snow tyres, and there are also fast moving snow ploughs. Our neighbours tell us that it has been known for the ploughs to rip through the mail boxes fitted by the road side, and by the look of one post box that's possibly happened as it is leaning at a 30 degree angle.  With all schools cancelled and no need go out there is still plenty that needs doing in the house.

So the fall (the Autumn to the rest of us) has now finished and the winter begins. But the colours were simply amazing and sadly photographs never seem to do the colours or the spectacle justice.

On the Annapolis River, the ever changing water is captured in a picture below. Its is so still that the reflected image in the water has barely a movement on it.

I have also had a great opportunity to spend an evening in the projection booth at the local cinema for their film society screenings. For those that remember way back, I was one of the projectionists for the Newham Film Society in the 1970's using 16mm equipment. On occassions I would bring the projectors home for charity screenings in our house in Wanstead. So this was a really special treat and I will be going again.

Also in the pictures are one of the new beams that was put in place last Saturday, this was quite a performance. It still needs some adjustment but as you can see there are some jacks in place for me to do that. At least the kitchen floor above is now solid, which worried many a visitor by the sound and movement of the floor. Fear not, it's been fixed!

House in  Bridgetown showing off her colours

The river after heavy rain

The 35mm cinema projectors at Kings Theatre, Annapolis Royal

Reflections on the river

Our new beam 16ft long and 8" square, spaning the two concrete walls

Our wood pile in the basement

Marmalade taking a look out the window. She hates snow

Our back door this afternoon

Brian ventures out

Jenn showing that she is ready for any weather

Our barn, taken this morning.



  1. Good grief- the Valley got hit with a lot more snow than Ottawa-ours is almost melted already! Brian that's so neat that you got to work the projection booth and your photography is stunning (you may be recruited for outfit photos over the holidays!) Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

  2. OK We are impressed with the snow pictures. A side on Nova Scotia we have not experienced. I didn’t recognize either of you dressed as the abominable snowman. I want to see pics of both of you on cross country skis. That is what I miss most living in Florida. Your home is looking more like a museum with those polished floors. We won’t be able to afford to visit. Can’t wait to see the next update.

  3. Thanks, Tinfoil T. for the comments, great presents and the joy your company gave us over the holiday!

  4. Doug and Karen...great to hear from you! We might try some snowshoes if the snow decides to stay around, the latest batch has all melted! We miss you both, but have introduced RummyCube to the folks here!