Tuesday, June 28, 2011


No, not menopause....the wood!  The little story goes that it heats you up as you stack it for drying, heats you up a second time as you put it under cover for the winter, heats you a third time when you burn the wood, and the final time as you scrape out and dispose of the ashes! 

The three cords we ordered arrived while I was in Ottawa.  Three cords is quite a bit of wood....

The wood arrives, cut into 12 inch lengths to load into our new Napoleon stove, which will be installed later this summer.

You can see our scrap metal pile on the left (will be getting that hauled away soon), and Brian's faithful "assistant", the young Marmalade in the foreground.  If she had retractable thumbs, she would be able to help hand him tools, etc.!

Quite beautiful, in a mosaic sort of way.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Long time, no blog!  I promise to update the "construction" blog with Brian's input once I return to Nova Scotia, as the new windows in the living and dining room look fantastic and give a real feeling of progress.

I lived in Ottawa for a decade, between 1981-91, and am lucky enough to have a dear friend that lives in Ottawa from those days.   Carrie and I are well known for our ability to (this will be a surprise!) TALK...our topics range from husbands, books, ideas for teaching, hobbies and children.  Our eldest children were together a lot as kids, and we are thrilled that they are now friends again. Carrie and  I went out for lunch at the Two Monkey's
and then to Value Village and Dollorama to search for supplies for my upcoming Summer Art Workshops being held later this summer in Annapolis Royal (see details below!).  There was a tremendous rain storm with accompanying thunder and lightning.  "The Boy" and Emily kindly picked me up from Carrie's to take me to their lovely condo in West Wellington.  I met Marley and MammaSita, their two cats and we enjoyed a delicious meal of veggie tacos and "the boy's" salad.  We watched a very funny British show called "The Idiot Abroad" before the weary traveller went to bed. 

The Boy's Salad:

Baby spinach, lettuce, mini-cucumbers, tomotoes chopped and cherry tomatoes, acacado, sliced red pepper.

Dressing:  2 cloves of garlic - crushed, the juice from a whole lemon, 1 TBSP of white wine vinegar and 1 TBSP of bsalmic vinegar, enough olive oil to coat the leaves,  shake of salt, and chopped fresh mint leaves.  Mix all up and toss onto the vegetables...FANTASTIC!

 The next day included a visit to the local library (am speed reading a great book on collage techniques), and my first ever pedicure.  I don't know what I enjoyed the most, having my feet in a warm whirlpool foot bath or the chair with the back massage action.  The result of a half hour pummeling on the strongest power of my upper back means that I don't have any neck pain at all, and I have teal blue toenails as well!  A great lunch at Sushi Umi...I discovered that I love yam when it is presented tempura style, the shrimp were wonderful as well.  We enjoyed a visit with "the boy's" family, and then went to an interesting play at the Ottawa Fringe Fesitval.  I enjoyed howling at the moon! 

In front of "Maman" by Bourgeois at the Gallery
Sunday started with Marley trying to make a nest in my suitcase, which was a bit noisy with all the shopping bags in there...followed by a yummy fruit yogurt parfait, and a visit to the National Gallery.

Emily looking glamourous at the Gallery!
This delightful "Dancing Bear" statue was in the Jeanne D'Arc courtyard
We finished the day with a Wii Rock Band session (I am truly a drummer at heart!) and then I beat Emily at bowling and we knocked each other out at boxing!  Back to NS tomorrow...loved the visit, but miss my river views and lack of humidity!