Tuesday, June 28, 2011


No, not menopause....the wood!  The little story goes that it heats you up as you stack it for drying, heats you up a second time as you put it under cover for the winter, heats you a third time when you burn the wood, and the final time as you scrape out and dispose of the ashes! 

The three cords we ordered arrived while I was in Ottawa.  Three cords is quite a bit of wood....

The wood arrives, cut into 12 inch lengths to load into our new Napoleon stove, which will be installed later this summer.

You can see our scrap metal pile on the left (will be getting that hauled away soon), and Brian's faithful "assistant", the young Marmalade in the foreground.  If she had retractable thumbs, she would be able to help hand him tools, etc.!

Quite beautiful, in a mosaic sort of way.

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