Monday, August 22, 2011

SUCH FUN...Kayaking, Puffy Pink Insulation and Art Work Sales

First the chat, then the pictures! 

The last blog showed a picture of a very worried Brian in a canoe.  I persuaded him to try a double kayak with me and that proved a much more successful venture.  We got some steering tips from one of the leaders of the kayaking group with Bridgetown Recreation, enjoyed chatting with some of the other kayakers as we paddled along, and saw what is left of an Acadian dam/dike that made the area so fertile along the marshes, and was a part of the terrible expulsion of the Acadians (French settlers) by the English.  Click on the following link if you are interested in the history of that:

We helped out at a big yard sale and barbeque at our church and had a good view of the Natal Day parade that went down the street in front of the church.

Weather here is FANTASTIC at the fantastic that during a bike ride up the hill and down the lane into the protected marsh areas (beautiful, lush fields of over 800 acres) I just had to dismount, trot down to the river, strip off to underwear and hop into the wonderfully refreshing!  Even got Bri to take off shoes and socks and stick his feet in! (he isn't a water lover).  One of the many joys of living here in rural Nova Scotia is that the population is very low and when you go to out of the way places like this marsh area (accessible by foot or bike, no cars) you don't see anyone else at all.  We were awed to see ospery eagles on their nesting platform and watched them ride the thermal winds in huge arcs without a wingbeat.  The young left on the nest started complaining loudly after a while! 

The kitchen is coming along very nicely.  The pink insulation has been covered with a vapour barrier and Brian is teaching himself (with the help of youtube, books from the library, and advice from friends) how to put up the gyprock (I think you Brits refer to it as wallboard). 

The wood stove is in and looks just great.  It also works fantastically, kicking out a lot of heat...we tried it late one night when it was a bit cooler. 

Brian has also spent time sorting out the very sad electrics in the house.  He spent hours in a dirty, un-used little attic above the summer drilling holes, running new cable and ripping out old.  You can see how grubby he got!

Today was the first day of Paint the Town in nearby Annapolis Royal. I am on the Board of Directors for the Annapolis Region Arts Council that organizes this weekend of 75 artists working outside, with their work being auctioned off.   My cousin Ellen and I set up in the lovely Historic Gardens, and had a super day of creating.  We both were pleased with our sales at the silent auction and enjoyed the dinner with Brian and Aunt Thelma (Ellen's Mum) joining us.  Ellen and I meet for breakfast tomorrow and do another day.  I am going to rummage in the attic for some larger canvases to take.

This is just such a wonderful thing for me to be working again, as there wasn't an artistic group/community in Colchester and I didn't have the space to work.  I have a studio and storage space in our lovely huge basement here, and am starting to offer art lessons and workshops link for that is

Well, our social life is less than three invitations to dinner at lovely people's homes last week, we had new Florida friends Doug and Karen (we are hoping to visit them this winter) over for dinner this week, and next week is Brian's birthday bash, I keep inviting people...must stop! 

That's it for now!

Kayaking on the beautiful Annapolis River
Our church, St. Luke's in Annapolis Royal

The parade...with Brian's favourite blue loco!

A very grubby electrician

Insulation being added in the kitchen

Some of the beams aren't very straight!

Our favourite spot for lunch on the front lawn

the wood stove, we will be warm this winter

The woodstove  pipe is internal, but the chimney comes through the roof


A very overheated biker runs to the river's edge

Ahhhh....lovely refreshing swim

The osprey's nesting platform

Our little female hummingbird that nests in the Astrican apple tree (males have a red bib)

Gyprock going up in the kitchen....HOORAY!

Day's end over the Annapolis Basin

A pensive Jasper

A few minutes relaxation after a fantastic first day at Paint the Town in Annapolis...more about that in next blog