Sunday, May 29, 2011

De-Construction and apple blossoms!

The essential cable has been found, so this will be a pictorial blog more than a text blog (thank heaven's for that, I sense you thinking, that woman doesn't 'alf go on!)  The weather is warmer, sunnier and less rainy, so that is a great improvement!

Marmalade exploring one of the ancient apple trees
Wooden pegs hold these beams together in the kitchen

Marcia and Brian, the wrecking crew!

There will be walls and windows here in the kitchen, hopefully before snow flies!

The lathe and plaster ceiling has been ripped down and is now on the floor of the living room.  The large plywood rectangle shows the location of the large front window,  the only one we lost during the house lift.  A replacement has been ordered.
View through the room we're using as a kitchen...the bottles were found during the digging up of the basement.  The apple trees have lots of bees and hummingbirds visiting them.


  1. What a sweet photo of Marmsie and I love the bottles you found. Looks like Marcia & Brian could be on some Home Improvement channel- what progress!

  2. At last pictures, just to prove you arrived!

    Hope all is going well and that the weather will be kind to you.