Monday, October 25, 2010

The Foundations of a house are important...and now the house has them!

The slide show was sadly edited out of existence by Brian, and then I have been lax in replacing it...but finally, TA-DAAAA...the story of the foundation work on the house so far.  Our brilliant contractor is Paul Uhlman, and he has done a stellar job in co-ordinating all the different aspects of this job.  From the  removal of the chimneys, the lifting of the house, the digging out of the cellar, to the concrete form creation and pouring, it has been a job of interest to family and neighbours alike. 

The house was a place of great fun over the years since Dad bought it in 1965.  I adored visiting the country, and remember snuggling up in my sleeping bag beside the crackling fire in the living room one cold Easter holiday night.  Another well remembered episode was when Mum was nursing an ill brother Stewart in the city, and Dad and I were in charge of the Thanksgiving turkey.  I remember Gramp peering into the oven, where the huge bird resided and after puffing thoughfully on his pipe, declared that we'd "trussed it all wrong, but she smelt ok".  Since it fed 24 or more people, it had to be a big fowl.  Fantastic pies, rolls, and veg. were all brought by other family members, it was a real team effort and resulted in a wonderful meal. 

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