Friday, October 08, 2010

the Valley House BEFORE the start of building work....

Built in 1760, the House needs complete foundation renewal.

October 2009 - The Valley House fronting the North Mountain

Here are two shots of the house taken last Fall (or Autumn, for British friends and relatives) 2009.  You can see the North Mountain and the lovely autumnal leaf colours.  In the top photo, a sliver of the Annapolis River is visible.

In July 2010, we were advised that the rock-walled cellar would need to be expanded to the perimeters of the house, and six foot frost walls put in place to prevent the house from falling apart! 

Although many assume Nova Scotia is way up north, it  actually shares the same latitude of southern France. 

Unfortunately, the early French explorers based their travel supplies and settlement plans on the assumption that Nova Scotia would share the weather of southern France.  The Labrador Current off the east coast (as opposed to the Gulf Stream that controls western Europe's weather) gives N.S. (Nova Scotia) a spring bursting with life, lovely summer of heat and sun, crisp fall and cold, snowy winter.  The cold, snowy winter resulted in a lot of deaths by scurvy. 

Well, I'll end my first post on that cheery note!  I will be thinking wistfully of family and friends enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner on October 11 (Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, Americans celebrate in November).


  1. What a beautiful home you have!!! The next time I am in NS I will be sure to crop by!

  2. This looks like a very nice valley house in Canada.

  3. It is a beautiful home with so much character and it will make a lovely bed and breakfast! I have wonderful memories of Thanksgiving family get together's in that house and a Thanksgiving holiday never goes by that I don't think of the fun had during those occasions hosted by your Mom and Dad. Good luck with your move and renovations!

  4. Nothing was mentioned about WWW ... ah memories!!! good times!

  5. Dear Les...yes, we will be reviving the Wild Women to coincide when you come to NS to visit.