Sunday, March 13, 2011

Adieu, England!

Today, Brian and I were honoured and delighted to attend a wonderful party put on by friends at the Colne Valley Heritage Railway.  Brian has volunteered there for 25 years, and been the General Manager there for the past 5 years.  I had never seen steam locomotives before moving here, and really enjoyed doing face painting on special days at the railway.

If you are interested in watching a professional video of the railway made by Film Studies students at the Colchester Institute, please click on this link,

Fantastic food by Jean, and a wonderful cake by Sally were served and enjoyed amidst visits and chatting.  

The cake shows the CVR represented by a figure of Thomas the Tank Engine and the English flag.  Across the "ocean" is the Valley House, and a flag of Nova Scotia.

We leave in under a month, and it is a bittersweet time as we meet up with friends for farewells.  It is exciting, as a mixture of emotions! 

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