Monday, April 04, 2011

Last English blog post...

This will be my last post before arriving in Nova Scotia.  Thanks to everyone here in England for their kind wishes, cards, presents and farewell-events.

I so much enjoyed and appreciated the teacher gathering on Saturday evening - thanks to Nic and her wonderful hospitality, the 7 of us talked/laughed and discussed (as teachers love to do!) until the wee hours.

Thanks to Kim for the overnight stay, delicious breakfast and fun beading class.  I am looking forward to showing Steph and Em how to do the bead work we learnt. 

Brian's family gathered yesterday, and it was great to see everyone and say "farewell".  We really appreciate the gift and photos. 

Now that we have a house full of boxes and wrapped furniture (the bed has been packed up, but we have a mattress on the floor for the next few nights). 

So, the Valley House awaits us!  Aunt Marg and Uncle Bill are sorting out the phone connection later this week, I wonder if the house has ever had a phone?  Certainly not while we've owned it. 

Internet (essential for Skype) will be going in once we're there. 

I am a bit concerned about how the cats will cope on the flight, but it's either worry or not take them, so I will hope for the best.

We leave this weekend, different flights due to airplane cat regulations.  Steph will be at the airport to meet me...what a lovely treat to have her there.  She is excellent with animals, so will help in getting Marmsie and I to the hotel.  Brian arrives the next day, so I will leave Marms and Steph at the hotel, and meet him and Jasper. 

It's all go!  I will be in touch once we have internet.


  1. Hi Jenn and Brian,
    I was thinking of you both over the weekend - I hope your journeys went well.
    Looking forward to lots more pics and stories once you are up and running.
    Take care.
    Holly x

  2. Thanks, Holly! We have the internet now, and I have done a rather long blog! Hope you are enjoying your Easter break, Take care, love, Jenn.

  3. Dear Jenn and Brian
    Glad to hear that you are there safe and sound. I'm sure the adventure has really begun! Can't wait to hear all about it.
    Lots of love
    Sarah x